Texas Obesity Awareness Week

Texas Obesity Awareness Week Presentations and Health Champion Award Ceremony

September 13th, 2011 at 1:30 PM
Texas Medical Association
Thompson Auditorium
401 W 15th Street
Austin, TX. 78701

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To help raise awareness about obesity and promote healthy living, a community guide has been developed as a resource.  Access the guide by clicking here. Please disseminate the attached guide and resource to your organization and other community groups. Learn more at www.texasobesityweek.org.

We hope to see you there!Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living

Webinar in Child Health:
Schools and Communities - Partners for Promoting Health

Wednesday, September 14th from 12:00 - 1:00 PM 

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Join people who are working in and with schools for an examination of the elements of effective working relationships between schools and other community institutions and groups interested in health promotion. As vehicles for reaching almost every American, schools seem natural places to engage in population-wide health promotion efforts, yet public and community health practitioners often find it hard to get cooperation form school officials. Approaches that create win-win outcomes for both health and education can lead to successful health promotion partnerships. (Continuing Education: 1 hour)